Moored in a sunny Mediterranean port to enjoy a chilled Chablis on the comfortable aft deck… or to navigate the popular American Coast with incredible ease. No matter where you sail, the Infinity never fails to attract attention. This yacht is an true eye catcher.

Welcome to the world of the Infinity - a range of aluminium motor yachts with perfection down to the finest details. With the attractive and streamlined design, these yachts offer extremely pleasurable yachting features and a powerful energy source which guarantees high speed. Unprecedented comfort on board goes hand in hand with optimised safety. No matter which Infinity yacht you prefer it will be just as at home on calm inland waterways as in rough seas.

Extensive research went into the Infinity range prior the development phase. Before the naval architect set pen to paper, a thorough international market study was conducted among yacht owners with years of various yachting experiences. The result of this research is a range of motor yachts, which truly fulfils all your wishes and requirements.

It is with great pride that we present in this brochure our demo yacht the Infinity 501, a fifty foot motor yacht that brings an entirely new dimension to the world of yachting. Be inspired by the infinite possibilities and enjoy the ecstatic experience. Infinity, infinitive design.

Team Motion Yachts